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 Terms and Condition


We confirm we have received a contracted price for our wedding photography including a schedule of the agreements of payment.

We agree to make the required payments as per the contract.

We agree to a $50.00 per month surcharge imposed on any outstanding balances that are not received by the requested due date.

We agree that payment of the initial booking fee confirms our booking for wedding photography services and in the event of a cancellation this is non refundable.

A charge of $175 per hour will be added to our contract if our wedding goes over the time stated in our contract.


We agree that any booking fees paid are non-refundable even if we no longer require the services of Brides Best Friend.

We agree that we can transfer our booking fee to another date if available with in a 12 months period.

If our wedding is cancel within 2 months of our wedding date, any moneys paid are non refundable.


We accept the responsibility to check and confirm all details at least 4 weeks prior to our wedding.

We understand that any Public holidays and special dates eg: Christmas day, New Year’s Day, Mothers or Father’s day, and Easter weekend will be charged at an extra fee of 10% on the total package price.

We agree to advise Brides Best Friend in writing of any changes to the contract details listed on this agreement.

We understand that Brides Best Friend will contact us one week prior to our wedding date to confirm all details.

We understand that the package timeline is set on our running sheet.

If we have chosen a reception package a dinner must be provide to the photographer.

We understand that we can reproduce all the images and there is no copyright or watermark imprinted on the images.


We understand all images are in jpg format and supplied on a USB

We understand that the images on the USB will have slight editing, some black and white and or slight retouching done to them.

We understand that we will not be able to view the RAW images and cannot request copies on unedited RAW files

Brides Best Friend Photography will only supply quality images that uphold the standards of the company.

The Client may submit in writing by email any specific editing requests. If there is no editing requests are made by the client, editing of the raw footage is at the sole discretion of Brides Best Friend.

We understand it will take 4-6 Weeks for the editing process.

We understand that we can request extra editing and retouching to our images at an extra cost.

We understand that Brides Best Friend Photography is committed to providing the highest quality service and digital images. Whilst the customer reserves the right to make suggestions and requests to the production of their images it is ultimately the discretion of the photographer(s) and digital editing team as to which images the client will receive and how these images will be edited. Consequently it is the personal aesthetic of Brides Best Friend Photography staff as to the final print release on all products.

We understand that whole we can share our photos post wedding on any and all social media sites and we must not apply filters or make personal edits to the images and use appropriate tags/reference lines as seen in our final product information booklet.


We understand that if an album package is chosen Brides Best Friend will choose all images in the Digital Album. However we will be given the opportunity to change the design layout and images in a one hour appointment.

We understand that if we have purchased Digital album package our album layout proof will be ready within 4 to 6 months and the final payment will be required once Brides Best Friend has notified us that the layout proof is ready.

Upon approval it will then be a further 8 weeks before our finished album is ready.


Brides Best Friend shall be the only photography service provider retained by the client for the event identified.

Family and friends of the client will be permitted to photograph the event for non-commercial purposes, provided that such person or persons do not interfere with the photographers duties. If, in the reasonable opinion of the assigned photographer, such person or persons are inhibiting the photographer from performing his or hers duties, the client will do all things reasonably necessary to stop any further photographing by the person interfering.

We give permission for Brides Best Friend to use any photographs taken for display, reproduction or editorial or advertisement for marketing.


Whilst every effort will be made to provide the goods and services as described in the contract, Brides Best Friend will not be held liable and the client agrees to indemnify Brides Best Friend, its staff and any party associated with Brides Best Friend for any errors or omission and any condition including but not limited to inclement weather, natural disasters, or other circumstances’ out of control of Brides Best Friend, which results in any variation to the provision of the goods and services discussed.

Brides Best Friend reserves the right to charge any additional cost that may be incurred as a result of these circumstances arising.

In addition to this, Brides Best Friend will not be held responsible and the client agrees to indemnify Brides Best Friend, its staff and any party associated with Brides Best Friend for any accidental damage to property at the shoot location/s and participates only as directed by the client.


Brides Best Friend will take every care but liability to her in the event of non supply of images discussed, ( eg: camera stolen, camera failure, accidents causing bodily harm to the photographer and any other unforeseen incidents occurring to the photographer and their equipment.) Retake of photos or refund of monies paid will be under the discretion of Brides Best Friend.

Brides Best Friend Team members will use their discretion as to their safety. If they feel they are being threatened or treated unfairly, they will first consult you the client to fix the situation, if this does not resolve matters then the Staff of Brides Best Friend Team reserve the right to choose to leave. No refunds of monies paid and full contractual price will be charged in these circumstances.